Paradise Pools of West Fargo, North Dakota, installs swimming pools with steel walls and vinyl liners. If you’ve ever wondered what the process is like to make this happen, here’s a glimpse into it:

First we start with a consultation to find out your wants and needs. We talk about the details involved in installing a swimming pool, including the price.
Next, we figure out exactly where the pool is going in the ground. The day before the dig we meet in order to “go over the dig site.” Basically, the area where the pool will go is marked out.

On the first day of installation, an excavator is brought to your property to dig out the hole for the pool. Workers then put up steel wall panels. It usually takes two to three days for the entire installation process.

The pool kit gets put together, with things like a transit in the middle to ensure all the walls are the same height. The actual pool kit (made with vinyl) is assembled. Options like walk-in step units are added. Plumbing pipes are installed around the pool. Braces are attached to pool panels and cement is poured on them. A “concrete collar” is poured around the pool’s bottom edges to ensure wall stability. We vermiculite all of our pool floors. After the pool floor is prepared, the vinyl liner is installed and eventually the pool is filled with water. At this point your pool is ready for the concrete pool deck. After the concrete is poured your yard is regraded and lawn irrigation is repaired after this your yard is seeded or sodded.

Paradise Pools not only installs in-ground swimming pools, but also offers spring startups and end-of-season pool closings, as well as weekly maintenance. Therefore if you need professionals to tend to your North Dakota pool seasonally, you know who to call!